Elemental Connections, paintings by Polly R Branch

looking eastward down drive
A forest interior looking north
A forest interior looking north

The landscape reveals color, direction, time of day and season.    Our relationship to the elements of the Earth, influences who we are, how we see,  and how we explore life.  Our season of birth presents aspects and tendencies unique to our personal body’s perspective.  I believe Our experience with nature is directly related to our abilities to form compassionate relationships with humans.  A more inclusive Perspective, curiosity, and willingness to explore new approaches comes from practice, patience and an inner resilience.

The view in the blue/green painting, faces east, in the canopy cool light, of a spring’s midday.  There are few warm tones.  In contrast, the higher view with less canopy of early spring is soaked in warm sunlight. 

Grey cloudy days prevent shadows

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In the cave where fairies are made she releases them into the waters.

Silently the fairies glide and swim by....



seascape in black and white; merging form, thinning veils.


  “The Ocean is the beginning of the Earth. The Ocean is the beginning of the Earth.  All life comes from the Sea.  All life comes from the Sea”…..repeat.

If we are spirit beings having a human experience, then the art of song/ chant, dance, poetry, painting, sculpture… might just be what gives us a language to reconnect to where we came from.    Illustrations for a story book; Tales of Our Beginnings. lammas and penny illustrations 009