Elemental Movements, paintings by Polly R Branch

looking eastward down drive
A forest interior looking north
A forest interior looking north









The landscape reveals color, direction, time of day and season.    Our relationship to the elements of the Earth influences who we are, and how we see life.

The view in the blue/green painting, faces east in the cool light of a spring midday so there are few warm tones yet.  In contrast, is a view from the top of a ridge facing north, where the eastern light has reached the site and warmed the fallen leaves.

It is the perspective of the artist that gives the subject its place and relation.  It is the viewer, that gives it personal meaning.

There are endless  patterns in the earth and cosmos, which we can study and experience.  The golden raitio and the spiral can be seen in fantastic natural examples.  We can study the patterns mathematically.  We can  see, hear and feel the harmonic patterns in  songs and chant patterns.  Chants, drum beats, dance and meditative breathing can bring us closer to the rhythms of the universe and open our hearts to even greater areas of exploration.  My landscape art works are very grounded aspects of Earth’s elemental relations, but in the play of light and form, I hope to reveal a space for the breath and heart to explore and even dance.

Reflections on the Tree of Life

Paintings by Polly Branch, Roanoke, Virginia

“Roots and Branches”
Walking into the Tree









“Roots and Branches” refers to our cyclic and mirrored existence on Earth.

“Walking into the tree” is an exercise from  Mystery School studies.  The body has specific energy “landmarks” for emotional and physical attributes. The patterns and lessons in the tree of life represent a  “roadmap” to study and clarify.

Fruits of the Forest

Gathering at the nuclear test site


Fruit of the forest
Fruit of the forest
Gourd in New Orleans




When I grew gourds  they became my subject matter.  The gourd as figure in landscape.   “Gathering at The Nevada Nuclear test site”, was from a journey for peace activists in 1991 and the “Gourds in  New Orleans” was created during the 2005 floods of Hurricane Katrina.    The Story underneath the story is told through successive paint layers.

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In the cave where fairies are made she releases them into the waters.

Silently the fairies glide and swim by....

The sounds of water dripping and splashing transport me to silent observation. no thought.  Nothingness .

These simple black and white paintings  captured my attention  I was most interested in the reflection of a movement caught in time.   My earlier forest series was all about the color of light, these are about the movement .    The water’s ever changing aspect is the focus.  The movement of form; the changing value and shift of energy.  The water is associated with dream time and emotions.  It is nurturing, healing properties and can even be programmed with our thoughts and words.

This loose watery acrylic landscape is another kind of work with minimal representation of the layers between earth, water and sky.  Today the veils between worlds are thinning and merging.

  “The Ocean is the beginning of the Earth. The Ocean is the beginning of the Earth.  All life comes from the Sea.  All life comes from the Sea”…..repeat.

The arts can move us between worlds and lift us from the weighted human condition.  If we are spirit beings having a human experience, then the arts, whether song/ chant, dance, poetry, painting, sculpture, etc. , might just be what gives us a language to reconnect to where we came from.   I think that learning about ourselves in relationship to the earth, the cosmos and to each other is the Key.  The next drawing is an illustration created for a new story book; Tales of Our Beginnings. lammas and penny illustrations 009